Detox Diet Plans

Diet plans that promote detoxification are not designed to help you lose weight. A detox diet plan aims to revitalize and cleanse the body with natural organic foods. It also includes herbs and simple exercise to rid the body of toxic substances. As a result of eating processed foods such as sugars and meats that are not vegetarian, waste material accumulates in the colon.

This leads to the overloading of organs such as kidneys and liver. This causes them to become sluggish and allow bacteria, toxins, and other waste products back into circulation instead of eliminating it completely through feces. This toxins cause migraines. It can also lead to skin infections and organ diseases. An effective detox plan will rid the body from toxins that have accumulated and allow you to lead a disease-free, active lifestyle.

General Detox Diet

This diet should not be used by diabetics who are low-blood pressure sufferers, teenagers and anorexics as this does not give them enough energy to do their exercise. For a cleansing diet it is possible to follow liquids for a whole week, along with organic raw fruit and vegetables. Continue to eat other foods slowly, but do not consume processed or non-vegetarian food. Certain natural plants can be added to the mix.

24-Hour Detox Diet Plan

The best way to revive your system is by using this simple method.

The Morning After

Two almonds with one glass of natural pomegranate extract (a powerful antioxidant)

Mid Morning Snack

Two portions of tofu, one bowl of brown or white rice and a cup of carbohydrate rich in vitamins and minerals.


You can have a big serving of green salad with one glass of pomegranate (it provides bulk and nutrients), drizzled in olive oil, or vinegar.

Snacks to Enjoy in the Middle of the Day

You can have a glass of juice from pomegranate with a small handful of almonds.


Pour one large serving of brown rice, add a small glass of the pomegranate fruit juice.

A minimum of 8 – 10 glasses water per day is recommended. This detox will give you 1200 calorie and nutritious nutrition in order to get rid of the toxins from your body. You can lose up to 600 g of weight by following this diet.