How to Choose a Facial Plastic Surgery Surgeon

Your face will show signs of ageing as you get older. You may feel embarrassed by wrinkling and drooping, and the fact that your appearance is not in line with how you feel inside. The aging process is different for everyone, and it’s largely genetic. A facelift may be an option for you depending on how you feel and what your circumstances are. Face lifts were performed in 2011 on almost 120,000 Americans. Find a good facial plastic surgeon in Birmingham to get the results you want. One of the ways that has been proven to work best is to find a facial plastic surgeon – recommended reading?

A hospital referral service may tell you that there are good plastic surgeons in Birmingham who can be found by contacting them. A referral line, however skilled the surgeon may be, will not suggest a doctor who does not operate at this hospital. The referral line will provide random selections of doctors, regardless of their experience, skills, and patient satisfaction.

Finding a good facial plastic surgeon in Birmingham is not as easy as getting recommendations from your primary physician or happy patients. Your family doctor may not be familiar with the local plastic surgeons. A positive patient experience doesn’t mean that the doctor will be a fit for you. The patient may have been missing out on a better outcome and experience with another doctor. They don’t even know it. A surgeon’s board certification does not guarantee quality. Board certification is a sign of knowledge sufficient to pass a written exam. It does not mean that the surgeon is talented or artistic.

Doing your own research is the best way to locate a great facial plastic surgeon. Interview a few surgeons, and request to see examples of specific work. Learn about the surgeon’s education and their experience. You should find out whether they’ve been the subject of any lawsuits or judgements for malpractice. You can then make an educated decision about which Birmingham facial plastic surgeon is best to do your facelift.