Photography: Exploring The World through the Lens

A powerful artistic form, photography can tell stories, evoke emotion, and capture special moments. This has become part of the fabric of our daily lives. We can document and share with others our own unique perspective. Read more now on how to Wedding Photography?.

Photographs allow us to capture moments in time, and even create masterpieces. In this article we explore the history of photography as well its effects on our culture.

Evolution of Photography
Before the advent of the modern digital camera, photography was already a long-standing art. Art has changed dramatically over the decades, starting with the cameraobscura and ending with the permanent image taken by Joseph Nicephore Niepce. In this lesson, we’ll examine the milestones in photography development from black-andwhite photos of old to vibrant high-resolution images today.

Language of Photography
There’s much more to photography than pointing your camera in the right direction and pressing shutter. The technical aspect of taking a picture is also important. We’ll talk about the elements that make up photography such as rule of threes, framing techniques, leading lines and color theories. We’ll discuss various post-processing options that enable photographers to further enhance and refine the images they take.

There are many different types of photography.
A wide variety of photographic genres exist, all with their unique features and uses. You’ll learn about some of these popular categories, like street, wildlife, documentaries, landscapes and portraits. Each genre offers its own opportunities and challenges, which require photographers to modify their skills and techniques in order to capture the essence.

Visual Storytelling is Powerful:
In some cases, words are not enough to express what photography is capable of. You will learn how visual storytelling can help photographers raise awareness about issues such as social, cultural, or environmental concerns, sparking conversations and emotions. In this session, renowned photographers will show us the powerful impact that a single image can have.

Digital Photography Age
Since the invention of digital camera and smartphone, photography is now more widely available. Discussing the positives and negatives of the digital era, which includes the instant sharing of pictures, image post-processing and social platforms devoted exclusively to photography, will be our topic. We will explore how mobile photography has changed the way that we share and capture our daily experiences.